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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Got to be happy with Top 4 for Christmas

Southampton started well and had a couple of chances early on that arrived from Hugo Lloris passes from the back. He has a default setting that sees him chip the ball to our left-hand side near the touchline. Any side who are awake to this can nick the ball and they did so, once on either side to set up quick attacks. Our captain, of course, made a couple of super saves in the game to help us keep a clean sheet and move us up to fourth place.

Fantastic result lads superb along with and COYS also worked his socks off. Hugo was Hugo!

Absolutely crucial win today. Back on track! Congratulations to Mauricio and the boys!!!!

Crucial 3 points today! Vital to grind out results like this with a clean sheet! Fans terrific as always! 🙌👊

Harry Kane took advantage of a bit of luck as he bundled through and tucked the ball away nicely for yet another goal. He is now our 9th highest goalscorer in the Premier League moving level with Les Ferdinand and is now one behind Darren Anderton.

Erik Lamela put in a shift, it makes such a difference when he doesn't have lapses in concentration, thought he had a good game without being eye-catching. He did the graft that we have to do and Dele Alli showed once again that we don't have to have designer label names to produce quality.

They all put in a shift today and we have to be happy that we have now moved into the top four.

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  1. Thought you said losing the unbeaten draw run was going to be the end of us?

  2. No I didn't say that at all, that is your misinterpretation to suit your own ends.

  3. What you have interpreted is not the intention behind the piece you refer to, neither does it say what you have interpreted. that is what you want it to say and want it to mean so there is no contradiction at all, just a misinterpretation to suit your agenda. It is a common fault the anti-Levy brigade make, when they live in the past and twist things to suit their agenda. Now I don't know if you are a paid up member of that smattering but I'd be carful of adopting their traits.



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