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Friday, 25 December 2015

Fans should remember To Dare is To Do

I have extracted part of an article written by Guillem Balague for Yahoo Sport for which you can find a link at the end of the article. I did so because it makes an important point about player development overlooked by many fans. 

In July of 2015, the 32-year-old Catalan, Edu Rubio, took over as head of academy coaching at Milton Keynes Dons. 

“In many academies, including here at MK Dons, we look upon the error in a very positive light because it is fundamentally one of the first and greatest weapons you have at your disposal to learn.
“With learning comes development, and that development will eventually take you to victory. The path to victory is not about learning how to become more efficient but rather about becoming a better student that learns more, develops better, has greater confidence in his game and consequently strives more to win.”
What he does concede however is that in the past at many English clubs, the ‘fear of failure’ philosophy has inhibited growth by creating an environment unwilling to take risks or set challenges.
Fan tend to look upon a mistake as a negative, indeed, we have a smattering of fans who opt to see everything as a negative. Tottenham are a young squad and we have to encourage development so the group can take us to where we want to be. Firstly to achieve anything you have to set your sights high, simply setting them at Top 4 subconsciously means you aim at and play towards finishing 4th, failure means finishing 5th or lower. If you aim at 1st though, you play towards it and failure then means finishing in the Top 4.

To achieve one has to make mistakes, nobody has ever achieved anything of note without making mistakes. The important part is learning the lessons. A miss placed pass is an easy example. A player plays a pass in the final third in behind the full-back and it rolls for a goal kick without a Spurs player near. Fans moan at the pass, but is it the pass that is wrong or is it the intended recipient who is in the wrong for not reading the game and making the run?

In that situation you don't apportion blame, you point out the game situation and the opportunity that presents us when a similar situation occurs. You ask the players to recognize it and take advantage. You have maintained both players confidence, you have encouraged them to read the game and see opportunities, but above all, you have encouraged them to try to take those opportunities.  

If you criticise then you are discouraging because you are planting a seed to grow, a seed that says don't make that pass and you won't receive criticism. If you extend that then you have a player who simply takes the easy option all the time, who passes sideways and lets everyone else take the risk. The result is less creation, fewer chances, fewer goals and less confidence, it becomes a self-perpetuating downward spiral.

Challenge and the unknown should be embraced. We have a history of making history, that wasn't achieved because we didn't believe, quite the opposite. To be a success, you work on the weak points but in a way that highlights the positives, while continuing to improve the things you already do well.

Our slogan tells you all you need to know: To Dare is To Do

Extracts Source - English Football: A foreigners view by Guillem Balague at Yahoo Sport.

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    1. We dont dare or do anything we dont win trophies we dont challenge for them either we sit contempted with 6th / 5th and talk about how great were ran.

    2. We don't dare have fans who actually support the club, we were in a Final last year I recall. We are building a new stadium to increase our income so we can compete. A failure attitude breeds failure.

    3. I agree, negative fans are everywhere, not just at Spurs but everywhere. Supporters need to accept that they have a part to play in the success of the players and the club, if more understood that then the better off we'd be. Does anyone think teams like Palace and Watford would be as good as they have been this season without their home support. Or Leicester??? It has a big part to play, anyone who can't see that is either an airchair fan or too narrow minded to know any better. Get behind the team and success will follow.



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