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Friday, 25 December 2015

Eriksen will stay at Tottenham

Eriksen will stay at Tottenham

A sign of an improving club is when other major clubs want your players. We want other clubs players why shouldn't ours be wanted too. Harry Kane is naturally attracting attention with Manchester United running a media campaign to try to unsettle him. Hugo Lloris was subjected to the same.

Whenever these stories appear it is important to not take them at face value but to stop and think about transfer strategy and the viability of such a deal. Will the player play or would he sit on a bench, is he playing for money or trophies, who is in his way at the proposed club, importantly what major championships are coming up.

Nobody would take a chance of Christian Eriksen, all the top clubs looked at him but there was always doubt he could take the next step. We see some of that at Spurs, he can be brilliant one game and be anonymous the next. Overall he has improved so that he is once again being linked with major names. Just as we watch players so other clubs watch our players and their contract situations, agents talk with each other so know who is interested in their client. 

PSG have consistently watched Eriksen but for me they are not much of a 'pull' as the play in a one team league. Signing for them simply means you are signing for money and a few UEFA Champions League games to be blunt. They want Eriksen, will he join them?

I firmly believe no he won't and former Denmark goalkeeper Thomas Sorensen believes the same as he pointed out to Omnisport.

"He is happy at Tottenham and he is very loyal. But again, if he has the opportunity to move to a really big club at some stage of his career and Tottenham are not there [in the Champions League], he might consider it. 
"However, I don't see him moving next summer. I think he is very happy there. He has a good position there."

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