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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

English Heritage Onjections

English Heritage are objecting, it would seem, to anything that changes the Listed buildings, which Spurs have tried to incorporate into the project. With planning permission already given and recommendations that the latest application be approved, some fans are speculating that English Heritage will then appeal the decision by asking a judicial review, which they have 3 months to do I believe.

There has ben much talk of the size of pavements and 'pinch points' which cause a danger to people walking to the game. The photo below gives an indication of the problem, you have to imagine twice the number of people and traffic, it's not a healthy situation. the Health and Safety people would be up in arms.

I just wonder if someone was injured after the new stadium was built, if English Heritage got their way and the buildings continued to create a problem, whether they would sue the council if they were injured.

Having said that I have walked many routes to White Hart Lane and while you have to have your wits about you, it isn't life threatening, unless you are less able then the problems get magnified. Local traffic is impaired and undoubtedly they don't like it but as long as everyone keeps their heads the two can work together.

At 19:17 (48 mins before kick off) and 27k less people than new stadium and fans forced to walk in a live bus lane. H(ealth) and S(afety)?
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As regards a judicial review, they can not change granted planning consent, they can only rule on whether the correct procedure was followed. There is panic among the ranks that such a review would cause a delay but given it is only procedure they look at and not make decisions on the evidence of that procedure, it shouldn't be a problem.

If a decision to grant planning permission is given correctly, in other words in accordance with procedure, whether that decision is right or wrong is irrelevant. Was procedure followed, that is the only question the Planning Inspectorate will decide upon.

The council have already noted the 'harm' to Listed building is outweighed by 'substantial public benefits'. What they are doing is acknowledging the detrimental side to the scheme, that they have taken that into account when making a decision. In other words they are following the right procedure. 

Now whether English Heritage agree or disagree with that decision is immaterial, they can only object to the procedure, not the decision. If the procedure was found not to have been followed then that would cancel planning consent.

The only other reason a Planning Inspectorate would change a decision is if the decision had been arrived at irrationally and by acknowledging the negatives the council are demonstrating rationality. 

From the outside, a 415-page document to a planning sub-committee for a meeting may seem a waste of council time and resources but it is essential to cover themselves for such eventualities as has the potential to arise here.

To understand what the listed buildings are that are a part of the project reading the formal objection from Tottenham Conservation may help: Tottenham Conservation Objections

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