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Friday, 18 December 2015

Empty seats and unused Season tickets

I note that some are assuming Tottenham are only expecting a 90% fill rate because they were the figures submitted to the Haringey Council Planning Sub Committee meeting.

Estimates are given to show financial viability, therefore, if you can show financial viability with a lower than expected figure it carries more weight. The figures are not what the club feels will be achieved, only figures that, despite being low, show viability.

I would expect above 95% to be achieved with so many tickets that can now be sold prior to the event. It should be possible to know how many are in the ground at any given time and indeed where they are sitting so it should be possible to know how many available seats there are and where they are.

If you look at Arsenal, attendance doesn't equal income. Season ticket holders are paying whether they attend or not, the important equation is how many are sold, not how many attend. I like every fan would like to see a fair method employed to redistribute unwanted tickets on match day. You used to be able to just turn up and buy a ticket, I'd certainly like to see on some match days tickets given to local children to attend, certainly pre-season friendlies or a mid-week league cup tie. We need to give them a flavour of being Spurs.

Could a system not be devised whereby the available empty seats of season ticket holders are re-sold 20 minutes into the game at a reduced price. It would add to revenue and give an opportunity to those with little money or the local community. 

How a season ticket is used should be monitored, if it is sold too many times it should be removed. We see them on the various sales sites being sold for above face value, who is monitoring them? Do these companies have to keep a record of the seat number? I would allow them to be sold but limit how many times and for how much, any more and I'd revoke the ticket. Season tickets should be for fans to use, not to sell and make money from.

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