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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Dier outperforming Matic

Any successful side must have a successful spine and Eric Dier has been a revelation converted to a defensive midfielder. He isn't the finished article, many of the Spurs players aren't, but that id what makes their contribution and this season so exciting.

Against Chelsea, if you didn't know any better, you'd have though Dier was the experienced defensive midfielder and Matic had just been converted and was learning his craft, such was the gulf between them.

Spurs vs Chelsea: Dier vs Matic

Touches: 73 vs 39
Key Passes: 1 vs 0
Passes: 66 vs 26
Pass Accuracy: 83.3% vs 69.2%
Long Balls: 6 vs 5
Accurate Long Dalls: 3 vs 2
Dispossed: 1 vs 0
Unsuccessful Touches: 0 vs 2
Tackles: 1 vs 3
Interceptions: 1 vs 5
Clearances: 2 vs 1
Blocks: 1 vs 0
Fouls 1 vs 1

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You'll see from the stats that Eric Dier had a far greater involvement in the game and if you look at the passing map above, that Dier managed to stay central whereas Matic has been pulled around out of position. The above stats are taken from Whoscored who rate Matic as easily having had a better game than Dier.

When Dier makes a pass that doesn't come off it to the wings, whereas when Matic misplaces a pass it is often infield, where it is most dangerous of course.

Premier League: Dier vs Matic

Matches Played: 13 vs 13
Minutes Played: 1,156 vs 967
Passes: 687 vs 625
Forward Passes: 469 (68.27%) vs 429 (44.36%)
Pass Completion: 85% vs 89%
Goals: 2 vs 1
Interceptions: 29 vs 28
Blocks: 10 vs 1
Clearancrs: 29 vs 19

Not only does it seem that Dier makes a greater defensive contribution to Tottenham than Matic does for Chelsea, but when he gets the ball he plays a significant number of forward passes whereas Matic is more of a backwards and sideways man, in other words the easy option with little or no risk.

One can't say that Dier is a better player than Matic yet, but his figures back up the suggestion that he impacts more in a positive way and begins more attacks by constantly looking to play the ball forward. It is something Pochettino is keen for his defensive midfielders to do, he wants them passing quickly, passing forward and starting attacks. The transition in play from opposition attack to Spurs attack in an ideal world would be as short as possible, backward passing, where centre-backs then pass among themselves, is not always conducive to that.

As an unashamed champion of Dier years before he came to Spurs, I'm thoroughly enjoying seeing his progress and look forward to it continuing.

Stats suggest Spurs will finish above Chelsea - Chelsea will not make the top 4
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