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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Dembele type not a January signing

Dembele type not a January signing

Tottenham have been linked with a host of wide men and there is no smoke without fire in this case as we have had scouts watching a host of wide men.

Like all clubs, we compile a list of players for each position that are possible signings. That list then needs to be placed into some sort of order and character assessments done. That takes time and it takes sending a pair of eyes to watch them on a regular basis. When all the information is gathered then transfer window plans can be formulated. Each player is valued and a decision made of the maximum the club will offer.

Scouting a player does not, therefore, mean we are about to sign that player, as the press and regurgitation websites would have you believe, they do after all deal in either sensationalism to sell papers or eyeballs for intrusive adverts. Spurs watch plenty of football in France and we sent a scout to see French side Bordeaux take on Liverpool at Anfield in the UEFA Champions League. 

The Daily Mirror and Daily Star report we were there to watch 25-year-old (26 next October) Henri Saivet. he is a Senegalese international who has the versatility Pochettino likes. This season he has played 10 games as a central midfielder, 6 games as a defensive midfielder, 1 game on the right of midfield and 1 game as an attacking midfielder from the left. He is a former striker who, like Dembele, has dropped back into midfield and made a name for himself. list his strengths, which are derived from Opta statistics, as tackling, aerial duels, holding onto the ball and his defensive contribution, they list no weaknesses.

In addition to Tottenham, Everton, Aston Villa, Swansea and Bournemouth are said to have sent scouts. A google search reveals the same story then being repeated in France rather than any fresh news generated from their end. Perhaps a local paper may have a clearer insight into his future as the suggested £3.5-million figure has no doubt been invented by a newspaper reporter. 

The figure may well be about right, have him listed as £1.75-million and a contract until 2017. Next summer he will have a year left on his contract so will be cheaper than his true value, thus plenty of clubs will be interested. As yet though there is no indication that he is available for sale or wants to go anywhere. French clubs do have constantly sell to balance the books and any player is going to listen to what a larger club has to say, especially one from the Premier League where there is more money for wages.

Is he right for Tottenham, I have no idea, he isn't a player that has been on my radar. The impression I do get is that he is not a January signing, as is being regurgitated everywhere, he looks a far more likely summer signing when he would be cheaper than in January. The six months difference makes a difference to his transfer fee. 

Football is a business, the club has to be run as a business and to be successful so the football team can be successful. That means not paying over the odds for players unless they are truly special. He and the likes of Berahino aren't in that category.

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