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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Dele Alli highlights the vanity approach

The brain can't tell the difference between what is real and what is imagination, the porn industry is built on it. Visualisation creates a mental blueprint for you mind to call upon when in certain situations. Batting coaching in cricket is based on this, athletes before a sprint event you see do it. 

All top level sport uses it, but the general public never get exposed to it and thus it is alien to them. What do we do with something that is alien to us, we pronounce it as rubbish, arguments, insults, violence. Fists and profanity are simply the acts from people without the intelligence to put together a coherent argument.

The mind is the biggest tool any football player has. Brain training for footballers is in its infancy, although individual players do go outside the game and engage psychologists to turn their game around. It has been used in Belgium who have developed into the number one ranked team in the world. The training field is a footballers learning arena.

When training you have to have the right mindset, you have to train with intensity. As explained in a previous article players ned to use the 'vanity' training technique. Training that is passionate about improving yourself as opposed to assessment training, training undertaken because it is a requirement. The Andros Townsend wind-down training outburst was a recent example of this. It would certainly explain why he hasn't improved and fails to shine in training or when given a game.

A player like Dele Alli, for example, had to come to Spurs training with the right body language, with a confidence that says I belong here. He had to do everything in a confident manner totally focussed on each act he was performing, even if it was a simple pass. Clearly he has done that because he opened eyes in training long before he set foot on the field for us. Our senior players were impressed with him from day one. he has then carried that over into the Premier League and now the England set-up too. He would never have achieved that with appeasement training, nor would Gaeth Bale or Cristiano Ronaldo, for them improving was an obsession. 

Going onto a field of play isn't simply a case of seeing what happens and react to it. It is a case of having a purpose, a goal every time. That may be to dominate my area of the pitch as Mousa Dembele did when given a game against Liverpool. Being vocal, having the right body shape, knowing where your teammates are on the pitch at all times are things the individual controls.

Score a goal or win a game are not individual goals and are not controllable by one individual. Each individual has to have their own focus within the team and that individual, but collective approach will give the best chance of the desired outcome for the team.

Research shows that a players body language can dictate how switched on their brain is. Thus to be alert and focussed on the game a player should always maintain a positive body language no matter what the situation of the game. Lose it and you lose intensity. To use a common commentators phrase a players head will go down. It is all about the hormones we release into the body, 2-0 down and confident you have a chance, 2-0 down with heads dropping you haven't. 

Your brain creates the adrenaline and testosterone you need to perform to your maximum. That can't be produced without a switched on body and body language is an extension of the brains thoughts. The right frame of mind creates the right environment for you to produce your best. It makes sense to do everything you can to give yourself the best possible chance of turning things around. 

Doubt has no place in football. Drive doubt out from yourself and inflict it upon your opposition takes you a step ahead. A simple thing like planting the seed that a team is difficult to beat for instance takes on more significance with each passing unbeaten game. That seed grows giving us a psychological advantage which all helps to make our task each game that little bit easier.

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