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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Boris Johnson won't let another Disney disaster happen

It is only natural to worry that something will go wrong, there have been so many legal loopholes to jump through that every obstacle seems to have been put in our way. There is, however, a desire from the powers that be, Haringey, Government and mayor of London, that this project is wanted.

The stadium-led regeneration that some would try and have you believe isn't stadium-led regeneration is simply too important to the area and to London. That regeneration requires outside investors that have to have faith investing in the UK. Many years ago Disney wanted to build a theme park in the UK but because of all the red tape and objectors, they simply went to France and built the Euro Disney Resort, now Disneyland Paris, over there. That has cost the UK economy billions in lost revenue, the Ile-de-France region is thought to have benefitted by £32.47-billion (€45 billion) by 2012 alone. I bet the very same people are objecting to the lack of jobs, investment etc in the then proposed areas now.

Boris Johnson may give off a clown persona but he is no fool. He knows the value of the NFL to London and the value of a new Spurs stadium being built on time without further delays. The leader of Haringey Council Claire Kober understands the importance of the stadium to the regeneration of the area. After the planning meeting she made that clear.

“We’re delighted to see these exciting plans approved which will support our long-term regeneration plans and write a new chapter in Spurs’ long and successful history in our borough. 
“These proposals are about more than just a new stadium – they bring much-needed new jobs and a boost to the economy, with thousands more fans spending money in local businesses. 
“Having Premier League football and NFL games being broadcast around the world from Haringey will help put our borough on the international stage and attract further investment in Tottenham.”

It may be a Spurs fans instinct to worry, to assume the worst, some actually promote it, but there is hardly an issue here. For Boris Johnson, it has to be a rubber stamp issue, the tourism and revenue the Northumberland Development Project will bring to the area far outweigh three dilapidated building standing in the way of a walkway being built. We are killing off a species, turning more green land into a concrete jungle, we are simply the catalyst to bring the resources to the borough to improve it.

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