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Monday, 21 December 2015

Blatter and Platini handed 8-year bans from football. Good

The FIFA ethics committee, an inappropriate name given the organisations record, has handed out eight-year bans from all football-related activities to disgraced FIFA president Sepp Blatter and UEFA president Michel Platini.

I have to admit I didn't agree with Platini being given his role in the first place and thought it a bad day for football. He was a ball player and he wanted ball players protected so embarked on eradicating tackles from the game. We now have a sport where players fall over at the merest touch and players are booked because opponents cheat by feigning injury. Most of the booking today aren't proper bookings at all. There is a world of difference between a late tackle and a deliberately late tackle, a blocking of the ball and deliberately following through, from taking evasive action and ensuring you make contact while looking as if you are trying to avoid someone. Referees are blind to the difference though.

Ther is so much diving and shirt pulling now that it is a surprise players don't hold hands when there is a corner! Still that's progress, you can foul all you like at a corner, but touch someone outside the box and you'll get booked, where is the consistency?

The pair are still the subject of ongoing criminal investigations into the corruption at the top of the game. Bribes seemed to be commonplace. The awarding of the World Cup to Qatar is for one reason only and it has nothing to do with football. Russia has been well documented as having made payments to secure votes.

FIFA is Blatter's life as he has no family so it is no surprise he claims to have done nothing wrong, the man is deluded and shouldn't be allowed near football again, nor should most of FIFA, many of whom have shown themselves to be dubious characters. How you can have corrupt people voting on other corrupt people is behond my comprehension. Platini chose not to defend himself and laugable UEFA talk about his right to a due process, a process he has just refused to take part in!

I have no time for the pair of them.

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