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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Benteke divides opinion

Christian Benteke divides opinion, for some he is a beast who scores goals and for others he is limited and a one trick pony basically who doesn't fit our system. An over simplification but you get the meaning. I am firmly in the NO camp.

Tim Sherwood had him at Aston Villa and pointed out that Benteke himself said he thrived on crosses. Below is an extract from the Guardian.

Sherwood has also noted that Liverpool’s number of crosses this season – 409 – is the lowest in the top division. “We cross more balls into the box than any other club in the league and Christian has said that he feeds off crosses,” Sherwood said.
“There’s no point going to a club where they don’t cross the ball. All he’s got to do is look at history and see what has happened to players who have left other clubs. 
He has played 14 Premier Lague games totalling 909 minutes and scored 4 goals. He has provided just 1 assist and created 14 chances. Harry Kane has played 16 Premier League games totalling 1,397 minutes and scored 9 goals. He hasn't provided any assists and has created 16 chances.

Benteke has a pass success rate of 67%, Kane 73% yet Kane plays longer and thus more difficult passes, 14.69m compared to Bentele's 13.07m. Benteke passes forward 51%, Kane 56%. While Kane hasn't scored a headed goal Benteke hasn't scored a goal from outside the area.



 Aston Villa




Prior to this season 29% of his goals have come from crosses, the average number of goals scored by crosses in his time at Aston Villa was 31%. In addition, he scored 18% from corners compared with the Premier League average of 8%. He has scored 12.3% from set piece situations compared with the average of 8.6%. In 2013/14 Benteke joint-topped the heading scoring charts.

Do those stats sound like someone who will contribute from open play for us in the way we need a striker to?

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    1. Quality player would love him to come Spurs Beast of a player on his day and when used correctly


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