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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Barça, Real and Atlético all involved in under age scandal

First we had the bank loans scandal where Spanish clubs were getting bank loans they weren't paying back, then the tax scandal where Spanish clubs weren't having to pay tax bills, we have had the Real Madrid state-aided purchase of land scandal, then Barcelona bringing under-age youth players to Spain and it was arranged they signed for clubs below the standard thrshold, now Sepp Blatter has admitted that Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have been doing exactly the same thing.

“I know the processes have been completed but I don’t know the sanctions  because done by independent commissions & I'm banned. If Barça were sanctioned for breaking FIA rules & the two Madrid clubs committed identical errors, punishment should be the same."

They have both been investigated but we are yet to hear their fate, which should be a transfer ban. Barcelona still signed players though, they just couldn't play them in competitive fixtures, which made a mockery of the transfer ban. Real Madrid has also recently been thrown out of the Copa del Rey for fielding a player who was under suspension, using the laughable defence that it didn't count because nobody from the club we bought him from told us!

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