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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Argentine striker Calleri NOT signing for Spurs or Chelsea

Argentine striker Calleri NOT signing for Spurs or Chelsea

Many a story abounds in the press of a side signing a player because terms have been agreed and there is just the signature to go. However, agreeing terms in many many instances means absolutely nothing.

Player, or more rather players agents agree terms with clubs all the time. Yevhen Konoplyanka was agreeing terms with clubs in different countries, but he could only actually sign for one. Emmanuel Adebayor agreed terms with Aston Villa, he didn't join them. Players agents discuss their clients all the time, it is their job to research the various options and wages are just a part of that.

Stories abound at the moment of Argentinian 'sensation' Jonathan Calleri with suggestions ranging from Tottenham have made contact with his representatives to terms are agreed and we are just waiting for him to sign his contract. 

Firstly he isn't a sensation, few players actually are, Messi is a sensation, Ronaldo can be sensational, a, by comparison, run of the mill striker isn't.

Secondly Chelsea are reported to have agreed a deal to sign him as well with some reports suggesting it is 99% complete. His agent has only revealed they are talking to an English club, he didn't say which one, as well as talking to Inter.

Thirdly he wants to go to Inter Milan and Inter Milan want to sign him. I haven't researched to see whether he has third party ownership as many South American footballers do, that would make a move to Italy far more likely than a move to the Premier League where such ownership is banned. It was over such issues Sheffield United complained when they were relegated and look where they are now. West Ham should have been thrown out the Premier League as a few thousand fine meant nothing. West Ham's cheating has cost Sheffield United a fortune.

Fourthly his president at Boca Juniors, Daniel Angelici, has revealed to Italian news outlet La Gazzetta dello Sport where the young striker will be playing next season, but not for whom.

"Calleri's sale is 99 per-cent complete. He will be sold to an English investment fund and he will play in Italy."

We have tried to buy players with third party ownership on many occasions and I don't recall us ever being successful. Clearly despite recent reports this is not a signing Tottenham will be making.

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