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Friday, 25 December 2015

Alli - Not bad for a kid

Alli - Not bad for a kid

Gary Neville spoke before leaving for Spain about our own Dele Alli having seen him first hand at England training.

"One of my favourite moments as England coach was Dele Alli's goal against France. There was a tackle in the lead-up to Dele Alli’s goal for England against France that ranks as one of my favourite moments as an England coach. There was a sense of pride watching someone perform like that, in his first game, against the likes of Matuidi, Schneiderlin and Pogba. You are thinking – what a performance that was by a young player. 
"This lad was playing League One football recently. Now he can handle himself against one of the best midfields in Europe. He can run, pass, tackle, head. And he’s tough. That performance against France was a highlight of my time with England. I gave him Man of the Match for Spurs against Arsenal for a magnificent performance."

He was thought to be the next Steven Gerrard when at MK Dons and that assessment is looking to be accurate at the moment. Both Liverpool and Newcastle United made strenuous efforts to sign him but Pochettinio, who watched him star in the drubbing of Manchester United in the League Cup, insisted the club do everything to sign him.

Daniel levy once again backed his manager and secured his signing for what now looks like a ridiculous fee. He has improved leaps and bounds and would command a far larger fee now, not that that is an issue.

He impressed the senior professionals from day one and the planned to ease him in this season was quickly shelved. He did what all players should do, he had a chance and took it, he didn't need a run of games, he came on and made his mark, he instantly said I can play at this level with his feet.

A fans favourite, he is a player you look forward to seeing and our teamsheet looks weaker without him in it. No bad for a kid.

The guy was like a Christmas gift arriving early. Merry Christmas everyone of you.

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