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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Alderweireld delivers an important message

Alderweireld delivers an important message

Toby Alderweireld in his recent interview made the point that he could have taken the easy option and stayed at Atletico Madrid (currently 2nd in La Liga) but chose the harder option to prove himself in the world's most competitive league.

“The easier choice was to stay at Atletico. I could play my games, get my money. It would be easy. But I thought, 'If I play every game, I can get better.' I took the difficult option to go to Southampton and I am delighted to stay in England with Tottenham. I was 100 per cent certain about my qualities.”

This is what sets some players apart from others, Matt le Tissier bottled moving to a bigger club to remain a big fish in a little pond. Others go to Chelsea or Manchester City for the pay packet, happy to sit on the bench and collect. These people are never going to be winners, they don't have the mental aptitude for it.

If you can't face challenge what use are you going to be in a big game? If you just want to stay in your comfort zone and not stretch yourself you'll never improve, but then some players don't want to. It's why the Gareth Bales's of this world stand out because they drive themselves to become the best they can be. Give me a squad full of players with that drive any day, you'll have a club that wins trophies. Anyone else you are carrying, the more you caryy the less chance you have of winning.

Not everyone can be a superstar, the workhorse still has their part to play. Any winner knows the importance of his teammates and any winner will want to make sure the workhorse isn't taken for granted, that they are a big part of what is being achieved. No matter what sport you play, if you have someone in that side who is reliable, who is perhaps continually playing above what would normally be their ability level (which they can do simply with a winning mentality) then you need to pat them on the back and let them know their contribution is valued.

Just as you should not assume someone knows you love them so you shouldn't assume someone feels appreciated. I can tell you it takes mental strength to continue to perform when you feel taken for granted. Some will fight harder, others will wilt. Professional football players are merely human beings, they have the same emotions you have, the same brain you have. All they are doing is playing sport at a different level but they feel the same emotions you feel.

Look around you and this Christmas why not seek out that person, sporting or otherwise, you feel you may have taken for granted and just take the time to show them they are valued. You will make a difference to their lives and you'll feel good yourself so why not enrich someone's life this Christmas.

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