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Thursday, 10 December 2015

2 simple techniques to train a footballing brain

The brain is the single most important part of any footballer, without the brain making a decision you can't walk, run or kick a ball. The brain decides everything and thus training the brain will produce the best results in your chosen field.

Handling pressure is a key component for any footballer, channeling nervous energy into performance doesn't happen without the brains input so creating simple pressure situations in training can help develop your brains capabilities. You could adapt one of these techniques by using a wall to improve yourself, improvements that will help you in any walk of life.

For the first technique you need a partner or two, a ball and a couple of tennis balls. Simply pass the ball to each other, controlling it before passing if you wish, while throwing and catching a couple of tennis balls at the same time. You could adapt this for an individual by using a wall to pass and throw to.

it is a simple technique where you are overloading the brain and asking it to take on more than it normally would. You have to be concentrating on different size objects at different levels needing different techniques. this also aids vision as you have to be constantly aware of what is going on around you to aid anticipation. When you have mastered that add in another tennis ball or another football.

The second technique can be done alone or with the aid of a partner. It may require a little practice but heading a football while juggling means you have to concentrate on two things at once. start by heading the ball up and down and try catching one tennis ball. You could use a coach or partner to throw you headers or simply keeping the ball up with your head by yourself.

Each simple exercise is developing vision, decision making and coordination for starters. There are no grey areas for decision making with these exercises, you either get it right or you don't. That will aid you to make the right decisions during a game.

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