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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Vardy to Spurs

Vardy to Spurs

Striker talk is all the rage at the moment, hardly surprising, the press doesn't like to have to think too hard to produce a story it seems.

There are persistent Jamie Vardy to Tottenham stories, another of which I have seen today. For me, they are all complete nonsense. He didn't score any goals last season, 5 I believe, and is on a hot streak at the moment. Well done to him, but at the moment that is all it is, a hot streak, he isn't proven over time. Defences had his measure last season, will they have it next season when sides have formulated a plan to stop Leicester's tactics.

He doesn't look international standard when he gets England time and before anyone says he isn't playing in his club position, that's irrelevant. You can tell whether a player has the capability to play successfully at that level whatever position they are playing. You look at touch, at movement, at thought process, is he reading the game or reacting to it, there is plenty to glean.

Vardy is 29 in January which is far too old for our transfer policy. I don't believe for one minute we have any interest in him at all, I certainly haven't heard anything. His age and his fee, being English he would be more expensive than other strikers, mean there is no investment value in him, he isn't going to increase in value.

A transfer has nothing going for it from our point of view and isn't going to happen.

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