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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Transfer stories for the gullible

Tottenham are playing Chelsea at the weekend so we have the oh so predictable Chelsea want to buy a Tottenham player stories. Why do the gullible fall for this tactic every time?

For the last couple of days we have had stories of Chelsea want to buy Mousa Dembele in January and Harry Kane as well, depending upon which paper you want to read. Tottenham are going to offer Mousa Dembele a new contract as he has just over 19 months left on his existing deal. 

He has bought into what Pochettino wants to do and has at last found his motivation therefore. Now we are seeing the player we thought we had bought rather than the one going through the motions, albeit at a decent level. Fans should never accept a player in their comfort zone, they should always demand more, always demand improvement, there is always more that can be done.

Harry Kane is being linked with all and sundry despite his TV interviews where he says he wants to win things with Spurs and be a club legend. Having come through the ranks he has the bond with the club that is so important when building a squad. He knows what it means to play here, it's just isn't the same playing for money, there isn't the same motivation and motivation is what improves a player and makes him be the best he can be.

The important point for Spurs is to improve and be challenging for trophies, then players have no need to leave, then we will start to be able to keep players, then we start to really grow as a club and cement a place at the next level. When we have done that we can seriously consider an assault on the UEFA Champions League. One step at a time though, first we have to develop a winning culture within the club, something we are doing both on and off the field.

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