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Monday, 30 November 2015

Spurs still scouting Werner

There has been plenty of talk about Tottenham wanting to sign 18-year-old (19 next February) Breel Embolo from Basel. When you consider out budget the figures being suggested for him look on the high side. He does look to have potential though. Juventus are said to have had an offer of £14.04-million (US$21.13m - AUS$29.17m - €20m) refused last summer.

An alternative is another youngster we are still watching, we sent a scout to his last game again. Last summer we tried to buy 19-year-old (20 next March) Timo Werner from Stuttgart. There were problems there, he was not scoring and the new coach Alexander Zorniger had thrown him out of the squad. What will be interesting Tottenham is that he reacted in a positive way.
"It just clicked with me. I have found ways and means to free myself of certain things.
"In the past I've been thinking: What if I do not play. Or: What if I'm playing. There is no problem between me and the trainer."

What he is referring to there is his superstitions. If he played well after eating in a restaurant for instance, he would have to go to the same restaurant. There was too much going on for his to concentrate fully on his football and now that he has removed those distractions his football has improved. He is now getting the reviews he was before. In 11 games since being dropped from the squad he has scored 3 goals and had 2 assists.

he went on to say he knows he has to improve in many areas but that now he didn't have to think so much about what to do, it is more instinctive now.

He isn't a prolific scorer yet he has been expected to be the next star German forward. He is a transition forward so he is not just as our and out striker. Today's strikers have to be part of a striking unit rather than the focal point of attack. 

We remain interested in him and his return to form may answer some character questions. He would be a cheaper fee than Embolo so we will probably have to wait until the summer to see who we are going to try and sign first.

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