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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Spurs improved defending not down to defenders

While most supporters were complaining about our defenders last season, I was writing that you have to look for the root cause of a problem and solve that. How a problem manifests itself is not always what you should be looking to change.

Our defending last season, as I have written many times, is a team effort and if part of that team is not doing its job then that impacts on us somewhere else. The problem we have was the attacking midfielders not performing their defensive duties well enough. I was particularly critical of Christian Eriksen, while Chadli and Lamela had periods where they just turned off and didn't bother. 

They were the root cause of the problem. They hadn't found the right balance between defence and attack. I came across an interesting article yesterday that looked at us defensively and concluded that there has been a vast improvement in the defending of our front four and they were now the best in the league. Click the link below and have a read.

Spurs improved defending

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