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Monday, 30 November 2015

Rob MacKenzie discusses his role

Rob MacKenzie joined us from Leicester City as we looked to revamp the identification of players, scouting and the recruitment fo players in general. It is fair to say that we wasted the Gareth Bale money on players who were only here to pick up a wage, nice people perhaps, but they didn't have the mental toughness of a ruthless winner.

He wrote an article for Opta that revealed some of his day-to-day role at Leicester City which begins with scouting. He discusses analytics and how he gained trust within the game before introducing them.

"On a very basic level scouting in football is about being able to accurately assess a player’s ability and/or potential."
He goes on to talk about a football club being a close-knit community where trust is everything. We have seen that with the recruitment of Paul Mitchell whom he worked with at Southampton and each manager likes to bring his own coaching staff into a new club. We also see it in the players. They have to trust the coach, trust his methods which the coach has to be a good communicator to get across to them. If they players don't buy into a manager as the Chelsea players didn't with Andre Villas-Boas, then performances drop. 

The chairman has to have trust in his manager, it isn't until they are in situ that you really know whether you have made the right choice or not. If they are the wrong man to achieve the club vision on all levels then they have to be replaced. Fans only look at now generally, but the chairman has to be thinking 5 or more years ahead, can a manager build a club for the future or can he only build a team for now? 

I always felt Harry Redknapp was a now manager having to constantly re-invent the wheel to keep us challenging for the top four. That isn't a formula for success because managers don't stay at clubs so when one leaves with that approach the club is back at square one. Harry, as we all know, wanted and thought he was going to get the England job, Tottenham became almost an irrelevance until he failed to get it, then suddenly we were important again. The vital element of trust had been destroyed.

It's a good read, it gives the fan an insight behind the scenes of a football club, so take a look.

Rob MacKenzie day-to-day role

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