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Monday, 9 November 2015

Pub: 50% off for Spurs fans Arsenal fans no entry

Great 1st half, job only half done, been the best side but they will come out fighting, got to be ready for it, superb boys don't stop COYS

Tottenham have been absolutely superb so far, so much energy defensively and quality going forward. Alli & Dembele outstanding.

What a great pub

Don't know where it is but it seems like a sensible pub. I'm amazed pubs don't follow a certain team so that every televised game that clubs fans can all congregate in the same pub. Pubs used to be full when TV games were on, but they aren't now, often they are nearly empty.  As long as you can control any trouble it seems to be a method of marketing that they are missing out on in these hard times.

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