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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Pochettino embraces video analysis

I was reading an article on coaching where a former player was discussing his career and how senior players helped him, gave him advice, how a manager who be in your face tearing a strip off you after a game, but saying hello and having a chat on Monday morning with no grudges or anything held.

The interesting aspect though was when he was talking about how the game preparation had changed. The physical preparation has changed from bench-press competitions to fitness trainers, sports scientists, and personal fitness programs. The focus here is on core strength, flexibility, and functional movements. 

He then went on to discuss that a team now learns individually, as a group and as a team from video analysis. He went on to say that now even the youth academy players had access to video coaching and that they loved to see what they did right or wrong on video.

The point I'm coming to here is that coach has changed and coaches have had to change with it. Not everyone likes change, plenty like things done the way they have always been done, they like to stick to what they know and trust.

Put yourself in the managers shoes now, it can't be easy for some of them to get their head around new technology and incorporate it into their coaching. You can't beat knowledge and what is in someone's head, you can't replace that with video analysis, but you can complement it. Getting the right balance is key and it has to affect the quality of the coaching.

Video analysis improves players faster than the mere eye and traditional coaching methods. Teams are far more organised and difficult to break down now than they used to be, equally though players have more knowledge of attacking opportunities.

Younger coaches coming through the game have been brought up on video analysis and those able to get the most out of it will perform better. With all of the advancements that have been made though it still comes down to individual motivation. That more than anything else will determine the level of improvement an individual player makes, the rest are just the tools that enable him to do so.

In Mauricio Pochettino we have a young manager who played at the top level and understands the emotions a player goes through. He played for a country that expects to win major trophies and had that mental approach instilled within him. He has cut his managerial teeth at clubs with no money and thus no chance of winning anything. 

He has taken a step up the ladder to us and is doing an excellent job improving young receptive players. Jan Vertonghem has previously discussed how he works one-on-one with him and uses individual player video analysis to highlight areas of improvement for players. Paul Mitchell has been brought in and uses video analysis, amongst other tools, to search for potential purchases. It is a technological age we live in, we can't avoid it so embracing it gives us the best advantage from it.

The early signs are we have a coach who knows how to use it and knows how to improve players. It is astonishing the improvements he has made in such a short time. The difficult part will be getting the side to replicate the Arsenal performance time after time. That happened because of motivation. We need that level of motivation when we play each and every side.

West Ham were making noises that they were better than us that they will soon overtake us, that should be all the motivation players need to put them in their place.

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  1. Lets replicate a performance so great that we drew. Get a grip Spurs fans getting giddy off a draw v a depleted Arse is just embarrassing.

    Lets judge Poch by the end of this season, if hes not bettering last years points or finishing top 4 in the poorest league we have seen in a long time, then this video analysis is pointless.

  2. Our depleted side outplayed a top side on their own patch, if you can't take any heart from that and see we are on the right path then you know little about football. Video analysis is commonplace at every club, even League Two so to say it is pointless is either idiotic or symptomatic of a lack of understanding of the modern game.

    1. Why write an article like its a new science that Poch is using then? Muppet!

      We were depleted were we? Rose tinted Clive

  3. The article is written for a particular audience, not every article is aimed at every Spurs fan, if indeed you are one.



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