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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Neville sees a new Spurs approach

Gary Neville, as an England coach has seen Spurs players first hand and notices a change in approach. What he has to say is revealing about Spurs and why we struggled when it came to the business end of the season.

Football is a mental game, if your mind isn't functioning as a winner then your body is not going to produce winning performances on a consistent basis when the pressure is on. Anyone can be a flat track bully and dominate when it is easy, it's what you can do when the pressure steps up that determines success or failure.

Stepping up to play for England, regardless of what fans think, is a big issue. You are playing for your nation and all players want to do that. You can't simply go through the motions and expect to excel. There have been too many players sat Spurs who have been prepared to go through the motions at club level. Under Pochettino that simply isn't an option, ask Mousa Dembele.

"In my role as an England coach I have noticed the difference in psychology and application when Tottenham players come into the camp. They now arrive prepared for the battle, ready to play, ready to work. They look like they want to partake in the meetings. All the things you would want from responsible players are there. It seems to me that Pochettino has given the younger players the confidence to express themselves, off the pitch as well."

To be successful you have to embrace challenge, you have to welcome it rather than be frightened of it. Challenge is an opportunity, not a barrier. It is clear previously that Spurs players were in their comfort zone, happy to play at the level they were at. To change that you have to change a players motivation and to do that you have to find out what it truly is.

From watching the games and listening to the players talk it is clear they are up for the challenges ahead and that is now confirmed by a coach who works with them. The Arsenal game was a challenge, the West Ham game was a different challenge, one to produce the same level of performance, the Chelsea game is another challenge.

If we want to be successful these are the games we should be wanting, these are the games the players have to overcome pressure and overcome the challenge.

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