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Friday, 27 November 2015

Lloris: A punching analysis

I do like to bring something different to the table, after all you don't want to just read the regurgitation of the standard website, which may be done automatically with software.

When there is no individualistic comment it is a dead giveaway that no effort has been put in as software can find all the mainstream articles for you. We all report the main news, an increasing number thank goodness are adding comment. A few find something different, even fewer are prepared to promote another website for your benefit. 

It is this minority of sites that hold more interest and fans tend to give more weight to. For me their opinion is more important than the regurgitation websites who you get the impression and produced by the gullible for the gullible. I'd much rather be writing articles that have thought behind them or add something to a story. 

Analytics are not the ball all and end all, but they do play a significant part in football today, it is a trend that is growing. I recently read a piece by Rob Mackenzie from his time at Leicester City that I'll post a link to in due course.

When I come across a piece that adds something new to the conversation I have a vehicle to bring it to a wider audience and expose you to a website that you may not have seen before. Being insular is self-defeating, embracing other quality websites will always have greater benefits. It is similar to the resistance to change mentality, one is insular, stick to what I know, the other is an open minded happy to take on a new ideas approach. 

Anyway enough of my rambling, the reason for this post was to bring to your attention an analytic-based article on Hugo Lloris and punching which is an enjoyable read. Lloris punches more than any other goalkeeper in the top 5 European leagues. Ben Foster (ranked 95th) and Thibaut Courtois (ranked 93rd) have almost a punching aversion compared to Lloris. Let me give you a little taste before you have a read.

'Delving into the data at hand does, however, allow us to other questions. Do some goalkeepers routinely punch a higher percentage of crosses and balls into the box than others, and if so who are they? And what about shorter ‘keepers? Does a diminutive stature force a ‘keeper to punch a higher proportion of balls? It’s time to find out.'

Article Link from Sam Jackson at Hugo Lloris - A punching analysis

If any reader has a website or hs a website they enjoy that they would like me to visit then go to the contact page and drop me a line. I'll happily build up a bank of websites that may not get the exposure of the websites in Newsnow.

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