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Friday, 20 November 2015

Le Tissier lacked the mentality he talks about himself

It's a bit rich Matt Le Tissier talking about mentality when he lacked a winning mentality himself. The Sky Sports presenter was a big fish in a little pond and didn't have the bottle to move to a bigger club. he stayed in his comfort zone and thus didn't maximise his ability.

When Tottenham were lokking for a new manager and signed Pochettino, Le Tissier said he should stay at Southamptonbecause he may not be a success at Tottenham. That is exactly the type of thinking we don't want at Tottenham, it is froightened talk, it is big fich in little pond thinking.

Amazingly though he then says Dele Alli must have the right mentality, he must have the mentality to keep improving at Tottenham. Regukar readers will need no reminder who has been banging that drum for more than a year.

"He's obviously an exceptional talent but the most important thing is his mentality and that hunger to keep improving. He's now got that carrot dangling in front of him which is making Hodgson's squad for the Euros. He has bundles of potential there but you don't want to put too much pressure on the kid. It's a great experience for him and he has all the tools but we need to be patient."

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