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Friday, 20 November 2015

Kane creating more chances this season

Spurs Stat Man on Twitter certainly comes out with some cracking stats from time to time and he has produced one for Harry Kane that shows even though he wasn't scoring during the early part of this season he was still contributing.

Harry Kane has created 1.17 chances per game in the Premier League this season, compared to 0.79 per game last term - a 48.1% increase.

Not scoring goals was a challenge for him and an experience he can now call upon when it happens again. Mentally it is a tough time for a forward, they are in the team to score goals. When they don't the feelings of I'm letting the team down surface, how you deal with them goes a long way to determining how long it takes you to come out of it.

It affects your game, even if only in a small way, and the mental pressure is compounded week after week. He needs rest now when he can get it as he will feel fatigue later in the season, when arguably it is most important time that he doesn't.

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