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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

For The Ladies Eyes Only

Footballers love golf, so many former pros play. Teams use it as a bonding exercise, boost a few egos, bring a few down a peg or two, bragging rights until next time. It is just one method to relax, free the mind, but team build at the same time.

The top six type of benefits people get from Team Bonding exercises
6. Networking, socialising, and getting to know each other better.
5. Teamwork and boosting team performance.
4. Competition and bragging rights.
3. Celebration, team spirit, fun, and motivation.
2. Collaboration and the fostering of innovation and creativity.

1. Communication and working better together.

With money to burn, they'll have all the gear they need of course and as your man loves to emulate his heroes why not kit him out this Christmas. 

Pop on over to where a search for the term golf produces 279 products. Possibly the best way to search the site is to search by team so click the Shop by Team tab 

If you select his favourite club you can then select either, Balls/Tees/Towels, ideal for drying his hands after searching for his lost ball in the long wet grass and shrubbery, if only he spent that much time on the grass at home. He'll need Brushes/Card Holders or Caps or Card Holder/Pens for keeping note of his rapidly escalating score, Divot Tools/Markers for use on those rare occasions he hits the green from a distance, Gloves to keep his hands warm between smacking the ball, marching off to find it and trying again to knock it into a little hole.

He'll be needing Gloves/Grips to stop the club slipping out of his hands and sailing down the fairway further than his ball, Golf Sets/Bags or Headcovers to protect his precious golf clubs, can't have a workman blaming his tools now can we, Keyrings, well you want him to come home don't you? 

Your little soldier (well he is a big kid isn't he) will need Knitted Hats to keep his bald head warm spending while spending so long out in the freezing cold. Under Miscellaneous you'll find an umbrella to keep the driving rain off his nice new knitted hat. He'll be needing Mugs because let's face it he is going to be in need of a hot drink and words of comfort after another disastrous round, Rings because he'll need a reminder he has left the wife to play golf, Slippers to warm his freezing little tootsies up when he eventually comes home. 

Under Stationary there are more pens and notebooks to keep a note of his bird spotting travels through the woods around the course, more UmbrellasWallets and more Wallets (Leather) so he can buy a round of drinks while he regales anyone and everyone in earshot of his inevitable hole in one!

Best not get him a video showing him how the game should be played this year.

Lastly you need to send him along to the Jewellery section because if you have allowed him to get freezing cold and soaking wet to frustrate himself smashing a little white ball into woods, bushes and ditches, you deserve a present too.

Now gentlemen, if you have read this by mistake you need to call her over to have a read, who knows your subtle hint may get rewarded this year.


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