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Saturday, 14 November 2015

FIFA candidate fails integrity check, doesn't get better does it.

Liberian football association chief Musa Bility has not passed the FIFA presidency integrity checks and has been excluded from the election. He is one of seven candidates, or he was. In a show of complete transparency, FIFA have failed to reveal why he has failed the integrity checks.

Asian Football Confederation president Sheikh Salman Bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa has passed the checks. This is despite claims from human rights groups that back in Bahrain he was involved in a crackdown on pro-democracy protesters. I would certainly want to see those claims fully investigated before he was put forward for election to run football given the individual we have had running the game and the methods he ha employed.

The other candidates who have passed the integrity check are Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein of Jordan, former FIFA official Jerome Champagne from France, UEFA’s general secretary Gianni Infantino from Switzerland, and Tokyo Sexwale, the former anti-apartheid activist from South Africa.

Why is there no British candidate? It was our delegate who stood up in a meeting to suggest FIFA needed transparency and that the organisation was nor, how shall we put it, whiter than white. H was 

Back in 2011 Julio Grondona, Argentina’s delegate to the congress of FIFA, branded England ‘pirates’ and revealed he had told the 2018 World Cup England bidding team that he would only support their bid if the Falkland Islands were handed to Argentina. Just goes to show some people have no interest in the sport they are supposed to be running.

"We always have attacks from England which are mostly lies with the support of journalism which is more busy lying than telling the truth. Please leave the Fifa family alone!"

What he should have said was the corrupt FIFA family of course. Time has shown the British and British journalist to be telling the truth when ex[posing the deceit, dishonesty and downright corruption at the world body.

Football Association chairman David Bernstein – with backing from FA president Prince William and David Cameron – had called on the congress to abort the vote until a corruption-free candidate could be found. The dishonest organisation overwhelmingly rejected the FA’s proposal by 178 votes to 17, with even Wales and Northern Ireland disgracefully snubbing it.

Costakis Koutsokoumnis, president of Cyprus's FA spoke against the English lies and now looks very foolish.

"What a beautiful English word: allegations. Somebody stands up, says a few things in the press, then these things take ... a seed in our minds, without most of the time, a single shred of truth." 

The leaders of associations from Haiti, the Congo, Fiji also all spoke out against England’s ‘lies’. Moucharafou Anjorin, FA president, Benin didn't take our claims seriously.

"I'm ill at ease that this comes from a country like England with its football standing ... We must massively express our support to President Blatter. Please applaud"

This was as a result of FIFA suspending the challenger to Sepp Blatter in 2011, Qatari Mohamed bin Hammam, for alleged bribery and Blatter holding an election with only himself as a candidate, a dictatorship if ever there was one. Blatter was scathing of the English too.

"Where does all this evil come from? It has to do with the popularity of our competition, the World Cup, and everything around the vote. That kicked off a wave of accusations, allegations, criticism."

Clearly there is a lot of blindness going around while England stood firm and almost alone to expose corruption. For the organisation to have any crdibility it should appoint an English leader for the next 4-year term to clean the organisation.

If you have read the previous article you will know Angel María Villar Llona, the Fifa executive committee member from Spain has been fined, but not banned. In 2011 he had this to say of the English:

"The problem of some comments in the paper came from some people who may have lost in the World Cup elections. They associated us with crimes we have not committed, they insult, they attack our freedom. It's enough"

It turns out our reporters were reporting the truth so only the 7 who voted for our motion should be able to put candidates forwards, the others have shown they are happy to support corruption.

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