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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Dembele improvement is no accident

People do like to make a mountain out of a molehill suggesting talk was rife of Mousa Dembele leaving the club. There were basically two stores reproduced by the regurgitation sites that merely spoke of Everton and Napoli being interested in him.

For my part, it was pointing out that he had to change his comfort zone mentality to a winning mentality if he wanted to have a future at the club. I took heart from his words before the season began that his lack of game time was down to him, it was his responsibility. That was a change of approach which could either be sustained and would wane under pressure.

I am delighted to see that it has sustained and make a huge difference to his effectiveness for the team. Within that framework, he has produced a level of performance that has stood him out, which is exactly what Pochettino is looking for.

Some of his comments to Sky Sports stand out for me. 

"Of course I wanted to be more important for the team."
"It has never been in my mind to leave the club."
"I wanted to show I can play."
"I just want to be important for the team at the moment."

Taking a player like Dembele, who nobody would deny has talent, and getting them to produce more is about having a motivated player. Only a player can motivate themselves, outside motivation from a manager, for instance, is merely temporary. Without internal motivation a player can't hope to improve. 

At Tottenham if you are not improving you are going backwards, as others are improving past you. Tom Carroll and Dele Alli ably demonstrate that and at the moment Andros Townsend is miffed because 18-yar-old Joshua Onomah has come on in the last three games.

Dembele has been in that position, but he didn't complain about it, he didn't lash out at the staff, he decided he had better do something about it. With only five bigger clubs in the country he options were limited, a step-down, a step abroad or knuckle down and improve. Fortunately for Spurs he chose the latter option and we are now seeing the benefits of his hard work on the training ground.

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