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Friday, 27 November 2015

Comment - Corruption of the Spanish Big 3

Barcelona were banned from signing players, which actually turned out to be a ban from playing new signings in competitive matches rather than the actual transfer ban FIFA officials thought they had imposed. The supposed punishment was handed out for violating the transfer rules and regulations relating to the signing of underage players.

Barcelona colluded with other Spanish clubs to have players sign for low tier amateur clubs before then later signing for Barcelona when the legal age had been reached. Spanish news outlet Cadenaser report that Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have been up to the same dirty tricks and that both clubs are to receive the same punishment as Barcelona. 
FIFA have communicated their decision to the Royal Spanish Football Federation, the next step is to officially inform the clubs.

These bans become rather ineffective when they are not imposed immediately. A club simply appeals a ban before a transfer window and buys all the players it wants in that window meaning the ban in the following window is virtually meaningless. They can then sign players, have them train with the squad and play in non-competitive matches which totally defeats the point of having a transfer ban. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will be signing all the players they need in January before the ban comes into effect.

A transfer ban should mean just that, a club should not be able to sign any players at all until that ban has been served. Any ban then has an effect instead of being ineffectual. Effective management is not a byword at FIFA though, corruption is. The investigation into state aid for Real Madrid through dubious land deals seems to have gone quiet.

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