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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Check your own Spurs history

There is a nice little tool on the BBC website where you can see the history of Tottenham Hotspur from your own birthday.

The total attendance in my lifetime has been over 82-million and in the first game since my birth we beat Manchester United 2-1. In the first game after my 18th birthday we beat Cardiff City 2-1 in the old Second Division.

We have played 2,848 games of which we have won 1,272 (44.67%) and lost 889 (30.90%). Over our lifespan there have been 5,371 games, we have won 44.41% and lost 31.80%. Our average result has been 2-1.

Twenty of the 29 trophies have been in my lifetime and the longest winning streak in that time has also been 29. The club we have beaten most in my lifetime is Aston Villa and in 75% of the season we have had a top 10 finish.

There are other statistics so pop over and see your own Tottenham history.

BBC Football - My Premier League Life


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