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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Buying Selling the transfer window is not far away

Every player has their price so a no from a club in often simply an expression that not enough has been offered.

Spurs agree what we will pay for a player, naturally we try to get them for less, but we don't simply pay what another club demands. If somebody else values a player higher than we do that's up to them, what we shouldn't do and don't do is enter into a bidding war. We have our own player valuations and we don't get involved in bidding wars which are largely a figment of journalistic minds anyway. 

A purchase has to be one that suits Spurs. Shaquiri is now at Stoke, Bayern Munich wanted too much for him and Inter Milan paid around £7-million more than we were willing to pay, split over three years. Six months later they wanted shot of him and he has yet to make his mark. 

Alvaro Negrado went to Manchester City and failed, he then went back to Spain and can't even get into the Valencia squad. The coach has said he will only pick players who want to be there, Negrado is demanding an apology in front of the players, the coach is offering a private discussion. Some reports suggest we are monitoring the situation.

You do your character assessments, and that is an area we are at last improving upon, value them and work to that. If we simply paid what another club want and ended up with another Adebayor or a player who doesn't perform for us we are then stuck with them. We would either have to take a loss which is poor business practice if happening constantly and takes away transfer money as the difference needs recouping. If we have valued a player and bought them at or below our valuation then other clubs can afford the fee when it comes to selling them, thus a sale is easier with more potential purchasing clubs.

Clubs pay for any significant purchase over the lifetime of the initial contract offered, which for us is usually four years. We offer a lump sum initial payment with three subsequent yearly payments. That is standard practice, we sell out players to clubs offering us money in the same way. We constantly owe clubs money and they constantly owe us money, yu can see it in our accounts.

As with any business, we can't overstretch ourselves and gamble with our future with the hope of additional income. A don't mind a bet myself, I do quite well on football, but gambling with a club future is simply not an option. We are building, we are building sensibly. Gary Neville came from a club with the right mentality and has won more trophies than most so his assessment of Tottenham is always an interesting one to hear. For the first time in a long while he thinks we are on the right track, assembling a team with the right attitude, the right mentality.

We have the foundations, the next step is adding the right players. Toby Alderweireld has made a difference, Eric Dier has made a difference, Dele Alli has made a difference. Kieran Trippier has yet to make his mark, Ben Davies took his time but is showing more now.

I suspect next summer we will be looking for a replacement for Fazio, Tom Carroll might move on and his place be taken by a player like Harty Winks, Josh Onomah or Nathan Oduwa. Andros Townsend will be looking to leave in January. Mauricio Pochettino will decide how he is going to replace him before he allows him to leave. Is he going to cover from within the academy or bring a player in? 

The fact that we are actively scouting wide men suggests the latter. Our wide men must be goalscorers, you would want 10 goals a season from each position, regardless of who the actual personnel are playing there. Whoever it is must carry a goal threat, Lamela carries one this season, he hasn't in the previous two seasons, Chadli carries one, his goal scoring last season demonstrate that. 

Could you say Andros Townsend carries one? He shoots a lot but he doesn't score, he doesn't get himself in those crucial scoring positions. We have Heung-min Son and Clinton Njie, both who score goals. Son is more experienced and settled quickly, Njie has promise and we are looking to develop his game to bring out that goal threat. He is getting himself into and creating dangerous positions, next comes composure.

Look at Lamela this season and you see him central in the box looking for a goal, Chadli scored double figures popping up in the box, do you see Townsend there? He rarely gets himself in dangerous positions from which to have an effect on the game.

So many players frustrate who have skill but lack the mental ability to go with it, fans get attached to them which can cloud judgement. The decision makers have to look at things in a more ruthless way, hope is of little use to a manager, they need to know a player is going to perform. With a player like Townsend it is more a case of knowing he is not going to perform.

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