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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Austin to Spurs

Austin to Spurs

In addition to Jamie Vardy there is also talk of one Charlie Austin, who again I don't think we have much interest in. He is a last resort player, someone we would turn too if we had an injury to Kane and there was nobody else, but there always is. 

He has had one season in the Premier League and players are often found out after a season so there is no guarantee he would be a success. His game isn't suitable for our system, we need quick, nimble, intelligent players, Austin isn't quick, he isn't nimble and isn't as good as Kane with the ball at his feet. We need players more in the Son mould than the Austin mould, we don't play with wingers crossing a ball. He doesn't have the experience of playing intricate football around the box and thus reading the game in those situations to make the right runs. 

I'm not saying he can't do that, just that he doesn't have the experience so we might as well teach a younger player who will score just as many goals. At 27 before next season starts he is simply too old for his lack of experience at the top level. 

Players lose their value at 30, from then it plummets so he would be a poor investment, we wouldn't get our money back and like it or not that is a consideration for most clubs. There are better players available, we want players who will improve us and Austin won't.

Just like Vardy there is very little going for this transfer and is highly unlikely to happen.

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