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Thursday, 12 November 2015

As expected Berahino is refusing all Peace offers

As expected Berahino is refusing all Peace offers

As I said at the time, Jeremy Peace, the chairman of WBA, seemed to have shot himself in the foot in the summer by allowing Saido Berahino to run down a year on his contract, thus reducing his transfer fee.

Berahino went public to say he would not play for WBA again while Peace was there so there was never any likelihood of him signing a new contract. It simply wouldn't be in his best interests. In the summer he has only a year left, his transfer fee will be around £10-million less and he ca possible command a higher wage as a result.

It is being reported in some quarters that Peace is offering a £50,00-a-week deal, yet the figure given in the summer was a double your money £35,000-a-week deal with Tottenham offering him £50,000-a-week. Given that Tony Pulis wanted him sold so he could use the money to rebuild and strengthen the side. I find it highly unlikely they would pay him £50,000, it would mean the other players asking fir a pay rise.

It is no surprise Berahino doesn't want to sign a new deal and not a surprise to me that he is missing sitters. When you are not committed to a cause you do not produce your best, it's impossible, there is always more you can give and that only comes with motivation. The only way he can succeed is if he sees performing at the peak of his powers as the way out of the club.

Peace went public on the WBA website to say Berahino would not leave that summer which was clearly totally against the players wishes.

“I have informed Saido that he will not be transferred during this summer window and that he is staying at the club."

Only mention of not leaving this summer, no reference to not leaving at all so the winter window becomes a distinct possibility. The statement smacks of Peace pride getting in the way of negotiation. Daniel Levy possibly did Spurs no favours by offering an initial lump sum that could have been larger. having said that he had offered Federico Fazio to them on the cheap to facilitate the move and when Peace made it clear he wouldn't entertain the Berahino offer we withdrew the Fazio offer. No player has a medical before they have agreed personal terms so the excuse given was a rather obvious red herring.

Perhaps Levy made an initial mistake in his negotiations, perhaps Peace took offence and simply dug his heels in. What going public does is make things personal, then reputations are on the line, one party has to save face.

Business is business, a new window is a fresh start and if WBA want to get the best price for the player they will need to thrash out the basics of a deal in private before the window opens. We'll see what happens.

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