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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Another football figure with something to hide?

Angel Villar Llona, a FIFA senior vice-president and Spain’s UEFA vice-president  has been fined £16,316 (US$24,852 - AUS$34,869 - €23,000) for failing to cooperate with an investigation into the 2018 World Cup bidding process.

A statement from the adjudicatory chamber of FIFA’s ethics committee explained he would receive a fine, but not a ban. 
“Mr Villar Llona failed to behave in accordance with the general rules of conduct applicable to football officials in the context of the investigations conducted by the then chairman of the investigatory chamber of the FIFA ethics committee regarding the 2018/2022 FIFA World Cup bids. 
“As he subsequently expressed his commitment to collaborate and demonstrated a willingness to cooperate, he has been sanctioned with a warning and a fine of CHF 25,000.”
The suspended FIFA president Sepp Blatter was admitted to hospital with a 'small emotional breakdown' and he has now been discharged hie advisor Klaus Stoehlker confirmed.
“He is fine, but he has just been told to relax for a few days."
If ever you wanted proof that power corrupts you only have to look at FIFA and the number of people allegedly involved in bribing and taking bribes, then there is Russian state controlled doping in Athletics and the apparent cover up, then the are the athletic officials who turned a blind eye. It is the job of the former IAAF vice president Lord Coe to know of doping and of any cover up of doping. He is of course now the president and it's outragous that he claims to be shocked considering the general public believe it to be widespread. 

I may be wrong but to me there is no way one human being can be 10 yards better than the other best human beings over a short distance. lance Armstrong was a dope cheat for many a year and again anyone who saw him toil in a mountain stage then come back fresh as a daisy two days later had all the clues they needed. The body simply does not recover that quickly woithout help, it takes a football player 48 hours to completely recover form a 90 minutes game of football, 6 hours cycing up mountains is hardly easier!

There has to be complete transparency in organisations and dealings. We could begin with the dodgy deal to stitch up the tax payer and gift West Ham a stadium on a rent that doesn't even cover the cost of running th place.

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