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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Alli and Carroll

Ugo Ehiogu recently told the official website that he was looking for his players to find a way to make their mark on a game in addition to performing their team requirements. That takes confidence and courage.

It is a lot easier with vision, the unsung hero of football. It seems so simply, the more you look about the more you see, thus you know more about where everyone is and can calculate what options you have quicker. That makes the game easier and increases your effectiveness within it.

Have you ever determined to see more? It isn't something natural, it isn't something we train ourselves to do yet a study I reported on previously showed a direct relationship between performance and vision. Those who looked about more played more successful passes. Could that be the missing key to Tom Carroll?

Dele Alli and Tom Carroll are prime examples of players making an impact within the team environment. Dele Alli has found a way to make his mark, to stamp his authority on a game. He didn't take a timid approach, he played as if he belonged on the stage and has now forced his way into the England squad in a short space of time. 

Tom Carroll on the other hand hardly sees any game time at all now. The substitute appearances he has made have seen him work within the team but without anything of note that you could say here is one to watch. All he has done is what any other average player could have done and that brings into question his future.

He has to find an answer, having skill is not enough, you have to know how to use it to it's best advantage and soon or he'll be on his way.

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