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Monday, 28 July 2014

Why Spurs can't sell Dawson, Naughton, Rose, Lennon & Townsend

Well having written an article to explain our transfer position with non-home grown players and shown we have to sell some before we can buy others I thought I'd take a quick look at home grown qualified players and show why we can't simply sell those all either.

Why Spurs can't sell Dawson

As explained in the earlier article (Why Spurs simply can't buy players) we have 18 non-home grown players over 21 on the books and we can only name and play 17 in the Premier League next season.

In light of that how does selling, Naughton, Rose, Dawson, Lennon and Townsend help us? We can't replace them except with other home grown qualified players. Ben Davies is home grown qualified, Michel Vorm is not.

The club has to have a stock of home grown players.Now selling that lot and replacing them with other home grown qualified players is going to cost us what? Sneiderlin £27 million! James McCarthy valued £25 million, Luke Shaw £30 million, Adam Lallana £25 million.

To sell these players and buy the quality of player the fans want, who are home grown, will cost £100 million at least. Snapping up players like Micah Richards instead of Miguel Lopes suddenly becomes essential almost, he's cheap and we need him to sell one from the list above.

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You can have 17 non-home grown and not name 8 home grown (which is wrong in my opinion) as Chelsea and Arsenal showed last season. Chelsea had 5 home grown players (John Terry, Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole, Gary Cahill, and Ryan Bertrand, who went on loan to Aston Villa in January) and Arsenal also had 5, of which 2 were English, Theo Walcott and Kieran Gibbs.

We can sell all the above, we just can't buy overseas talent to replace them, something the majority of fans don't seem to realise.

Perhaps now a few Tottenham fans will begin to appreciate that their perception of what Spurs should do is an impossible one.



  1. I like the condescending tone of this piece. Because I didn't know any of this? I needed to be stepped through it quite firmly.

  2. Delighted you feel that the world population is up to your level of knowledge, you may however be a tad optimistic.

  3. When did Wilshere and Ox and Jenkinson change their nationality from English?

    Spurs are able to sell the deadwood without buying because if worse comes to worse you promote the youngsters i.e. Fredericks, Mason, Pritchard et al.

  4. They didn't have to be named in the 25 man PL squad, Ox for instance is only 20. Nothing to stop Arsenal playing them but they don't have to name them in the squad. We don't have to name Nabil Bentaleb in the Premier League squad but we can still play him because of his age. Ryan Mason is 23 so we'd have to name him in the PL squad of 25 though.


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