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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Last game? Friedel gets a standing ovation

Brad Friedel probably played his last game on American soil last night and put in a good display for the crowd, pulling off diving saves both to his left and right. He has played in all three games and always been available for a quote or an interview.

Friedel gets a standing ovation

Brad Friedel US Ambassador for Tottenham Hotspur has possibly played his last game on American soil and with the signing of Michel Vorm as number two has possibly played his last game for Tottenham Hotspur as well.

“It was very good, it’s always nice. I think this is one of the last times anyone in the States is going to get to see me play on home soil, so it was a very good reception and it was nice to be a part of.”

The American keeper has been preparing for the day when he would have to hang up his boots and has completed his UEFA A coaching license as a result. The 43-year-old was asked about the possibility of coaching in America perhaps and admits it is a possibility, he wouldn't discount it.

"You never say never to that, but when you look at stepping into coaching, it doesn’t matter what country it’s in; the city has to work. I have a family. I have three kids, and the owner, the director of football and general manager all have to fit in place. 
"But would I keep my options open for that? Absolutely. I would never, never turn away a conversation about it. At the time that I made a choice to go over to Europe, Europe was a far better league than MLS, and I don’t think anyone would deny that. 
"Now when you see the likes of Michael Bradley and Clint Dempsey coming back here in the prime of their career, you can see that there are a few clubs over here that are very strong and very competitive. That wasn’t around when I was making the choice."

Friedel was reported to have been interviewed for the vacant head coaching role at his former club Columbus Crewe last October and feels Major League Soccer is growing year-on-year.

“The MLS gets better and better each year. Every time I come back I’m seeing something else has grown, whether it’s another team pops up, better players, the growth at the academy level, everything is vastly improved from five years ago, ten years ago, 15 years ago and it’s going to continue to be that way. I don’t think anyone in the US is going to rest on anything and they’re going to continue to try to grow things.”

You only have to listen to the reception he got when he was substituted late on in the international friendly with Chicago Fire at Toyota Park last night. He received a standing ovation from everyone in the ground which rather goes to show what a smart move it was in making him a Tottenham US Ambassador as part of his contract.

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Naturally the Americans love one of their own and he has been to three World Cups with them and helped to pave the way for football in America by showing their is quality talent in the United States that can thrive abroad. Others have followed in his footsteps and his example has spurred others to follow and grow the game as grass routes level.


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