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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

It's tough to know what our expectations are

It occurred to me while wandering through my thoughts that most of us Spurs fans simply assume Mauricio Pochettino will be a success, or so it seems.

Mauricio Pochettino Spurs Head Coach

The situation at Southampton, where Pochettino created a team and catapulted players into star status, is as one commenter of a previous article said, unprecedented. Last season was unprecedented, three of the top four had new managers.

This summer Chelsea are reshaping their squad under Mourinho, Liverpool received a windfall, Arsenal have decided that if they want to challenge for anything other than fourth they have to spend money and Manchester United have handed Louis Van Gaal the money they wouldn't let David Moyes have.

Sir Alex Ferguson as probably the best manager the Premier League has seen and he dragged a mediocre team to a Premier League title. Along comes David Moyes and with essentially the same players he flopped, he found his Everton system didn't suit better players and he couldn't adapt.

Mauricio Pochettino is bringing his system to Tottenham to a squad that is full of better players who underperformed. By all accounts he has the senior players on his side, they like what they saw at Southampton and they like what they see on the training ground. Of course the World Cup players are yet to spend any time with him.

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It's a difficult season to predict, 4th and 5th is our norm and with the players available you'd expect to be there ad thereabouts again. It depends upon how fast the players can adapt to his style of play. Andre Villas-Boas played a similar style so it's not entirely new to them so should we fans be expecting a reasonable start?

Should we expect a period of learning and if so how many points is it acceptable to drop in the process? There is no guarantee that the Argentinian will succeed but I can't contemplate that he will fail, everything I have seen and researched suggests it will be a happy and successful marriage.

Celtic and Schalke before the August Premier League fixtures against West Ham and QPR. Then comes the first big test, Liverpool. I guess how confident I'll be depends upon who we can bring in at centre-half. We'll score goals but at the moment we'll let them in as well.

We have had high expectations the last few years, do we say those are our expectations or do we lower them. Either way I believe we have a Head Coach who is here to stay and who'll be around for a while. I believe we have found the right man for the job, I hope time proves me to be right.


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