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Monday, 28 July 2014

Is Naughton more valuable to Spurs than Rose?

So Swansea have made an enquiry for, although some quarters suggest an official bid for, Kyle Naughton, while West Ham, Crystal Palace and Hull City have enquired about Danny Rose.

Is Naughton more valuable to Spurs than Rose?

Spurs need two players in every position but of course some players don't want to be a back up or to have to fight for a position, they want an easy life of guaranteed football. These people lack a winners mentality, they are happy in a world of mediocrity and expect everyone to come down to their level, they have a losers mentality.

Both Kyle Walker and Danny Rose have made noises, Rose a year ago and Naughton late February, about wanting first team football. Noises and actions though are two different things.

After Naughton's comments Walker was injured and he had a long run in the side playing more minutes than all but five outfield players. He has featured on the US & Canada tour with Kyle Walker only now returning to training and starting to work on his fitness.

Where does a fit Walker leave Naughton and is Fredericks a back up right-back yet? Fredericks has pace and offers an option going forward but without game time lacks experience so it's probably a season too early for him to fulfil that role.

Tottenham played 54 games last season, more than any other Premier League club, a run in the Europa League and that number could increase especially if we go further than the third round of the FA Cup. Walker, you would assume will play all Premier League games barring injury. That leaves FA Cup, League Cup and Europa League ties, so perhaps 20 games for Naughton to play.

With an injury to Walker that number would increase and Fredericks would get cameos, maybe even the odd game or two with a view to preparing him for right-back understudy role next season. There are plenty of games, it's just a question of mentality. Do you accept second choice status and know you are going to play 15+ games a season, with the chance or more with injuries, or do you leave for a smaller club and regular Premier League football?

There is no right or wrong answer, it has to be individual choice. Personally I would have tried to sign 21-year-old American right-back DeAndre Yedlin from Seattle Sounders but then I have not seen enough of Fredericks to know his potential.

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Football finances play their part in decisions, we don't have an infinite wages budget. There has to be some squad members not on great wages and these players are going to be lesser players. Naughton may well have suffered from a lack of games but to counter that he didn't cover himself in glory with a run of games. I am not his greatest fan but appreciate he fulfils a role covering right and left-back positions.

He can be poor but he is probably not as bad as sometimes painted and how will he get on in Pochettino's system, if it suited him then maybe he would improve. I'm rather I don't mind if he goes, I don't mind if he stays at the moment.

Danny Rose is more of a concern for me and his future may affect Naughtos's future. Rose last summer said he doesn't want to return to Spurs to sit on a bench and noises coming out of the camp are that he is not happy with Ben Davies being signed.

That suggests he wants guaranteed Premier League football and thinks Davies is better than him, not exactly the mindset of a winner. He has a hot headed streak, against Stoke he should have been sent off, against Chicago Fire he petulantly pushed their right-back in the back when the ball and player were out of play to earn himself a booking.

His challenges were designed to win the ball but take the man as well, I leave you to figure out why. He gets sent off every season and is learning his trade, but how long do you give him to learn? He could actually develop into a decent left-back I believe, he has lots to improve yes, but he has the essential pace needed in today's full-backs, especially those in our system.

Work with an experienced left-back coach would do him wonders and he is a player Pochettino could improve but, can his brain be improved, can his mental approach be improved?

To me that is the key for him, will he be happy paying 20 games a year with the potential foe more? He has to answer the same question as Naughton. Zeki Fryers will get more games but is he a left-back or centre-back, we have to decide at some point and develop a specialist position, even if he can play both. Does that further limit the number of games available to Rose to play?

I guess we'll find out soon enough, it's only just over a month until the window shuts but while Rose has the potential to be the better player, Naughton may actually be more valuable to the club right now.

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  1. You say Rose has pace, and can develop into a great player.
    But Davies is quite fast too. He's no slouch, and I'm sure he's as fast as Rose in a race, perhaps just behind but nothing major.

    Rose is better physically, and perhaps going forward. But Davies is better defensively which will repair our leaky defence. Also Davies crosses/passes near or to the opponents box much more accurate and chooses the better option.

    Rose crosses always fail to meet his target, and too often hits the first man and not our team.

    I also don't like Rose attitude, like you said he's aggressive player and last year he seems uninterested in most of the matches he's played for us. But, if we can keep him I would as he still can play but just lack some qualities.

    Naughton on the other hand is a poor player. Haven't been impressed with him these past few preseason games and nor has he been impressive last season - poor in fact.

    Naughton makes silly mistakes and also gets beat by semi-decent players almost all the time. But in reality we need him, as he has experience to cover both lb and rb. However I'd prefer fredericks as Naughton is poor any ways, we might as well let fredericka have a go. Lb for cover preferably rose, but fryers can do a job.

  2. Where exactly did I mention the word 'great' when referring to any improvement Rose can make? I think you are misreading somewhat. Great and Danny Rose are two words that will never go together.

    1. Great - decent, whatever. My point is he'll get better but still potentially nt as good as Davies.

      Great cover though.

  3. When you discover an article 2 and a half years later and realise how wrong we all were. Danny, Danny Rose!



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