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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Idiotic Gooners cause TV changes

An idiotic bunch of small minded Arsenal fans who clearly struggle to string a sentence together without an expletive or two has caused the abandonment of interviews with supporters.

Idiotic Gooners cause TV changes

Arsenal beat Liverpool 2-1 in the FA Cup at the Emirates and BT Sport held post-match interviews with fans outside the ground. However their broadcast was constantly interrupted by a bunch of idiots including constant uses of the 'f' word in their chanting.

The unfortunate presenter, Jake Humphrey had to apologize to viewers and Ofcom have taken a dim view of the broadcast.

"Apologies for some of the words being used there by the Arsenal fans. What they're chanting now is an awful lot better."

Ofcom have deemed the post match interview to have breached broadcasting regulations and BT Sport have therefore had to scrap public involvement in post-match assessment.

Thanks to Arsenal fans we will now have to content ourselves with professional pundits who don't want to upset anyone and make excuses for players. It never ceased to amaze me that these people are paid high sums of money and all they ever do prior to a game is say the better team will always win.

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Where is the accurate assessment? We saw it again with everyone falling over themselves to say Spain will come good and dismissed Chile as if they were a conference side taking on Manchester United.

Thanks to Arsenal fans we can enjoy these wonderful insights after the game as well as before, the views of real people post-match will be no more.



  1. It is how you insult a group of for bad grammar and in the same sentence you've used terrible grammar yourself. And also there is much bigger problems in life.

  2. As if you would expect any restraint from any other club?! It was stupid for BT Sport not to envisage that happening. It just happened first at The Emirates

  3. Lol to anonymous, for mentioning bad grammar, and then in their next sentence writing "And also there is much bigger problems in life."

  4. I wonder if you'd been equally damning of your own fans had it been a bunch of spuds supporters?

  5. What a load of nonsense! You're complaining because a few arsenal fans used expletives? Wow! Shock horror, how could they?
    The fact is those fans were simply the first to do it, nothing more, nothing less. Get over it

  6. Everyone on here has terrible english , and as for spuds scum,your team won't make it to anything major that would have you in contention to an interview. This passage was wrote in pure "spasticology", something all lower league fans suffer from time too time.spuds are terrible so nobody is goin to care about them especially when a fan starts writing dribble to the sound of sour grapes. None of it matters though because you weren't good enough to go through. Arsenal spanked you,...theres no room at the top for spuds...get over it and get out of our shadow!! N London is RED!!!!!

  7. Lol. Literally any reason to have a pop at the gooners eh? You guys live and breathe arsenal just as much as we do. Obsessed much? Forever in our shadow, NORTH LONDON IS RED!

  8. Surely South not North London is red. Seizing territory north of the river does not entitle the invaders to it. North London will always be Tottenham's.

    1. ...I think you'll find that's exactly what 'seizing territory' does. You TAKE CONTROL of it, just like Arsenal have :) now come back to me when you finish above us in the league... Yeah, that's what I thought.

    2. If your dirty excuse of a football club not aborted it's dead fetous outside SE18 you'd be a Spurs supporter now.
      Let that digest

    3. I won't digest that toilet, I'm not from the UK so that wouldn't matter that much. Still doesn't mean I'd be deluded enough to support spuds.. Utter garbage

  9. If North London is red why do Arsenal fans use blue language!


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