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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

FA should employ David Bentley to educate youth players

David Bentley was asked where he felt Tottenham and Liverpool target Adam Lallana should go and the former Tottenham winger said Liverpool.

FA should employ David Bentley to educate youth players

David Bentley joined Tottenham from Blackburn Rovers for £16 million in 2008. He was an England international who looked to be the natural successor to David Beckham on the right wing for years to come.

For some people too much money too young can ruin them, they think they have made it and don't put the effort in that got them where they are. David Bentley seemed to be one of these people, is that why it all went wrong?

Harry Redkapp was not impressed with his attitude and if you were more interested in your wages or bars than football he didn't pick you. Tottenham tried to sell Bentley but nobody would pay his £50,000 a week wages and he wouldn't take a pay cut it seemed.

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The result, he stagnated and was poor on the brief chances he got. Loan spells failed to revive his career, the game had moved on and David hadn't.

That's how it seemed from the outside, Bentley may have a different perspective on it but at the age of 29 he broke down in tears as he announced his retirement. It was a sad moment.

I still feel Bentley could have a role to play in football giving advice to young players on the pitfalls of football.  He feels the right club for another young international wide man, Adam Lallana, may be at Liverpool.

"I think he's a brilliant player, one of the most talented England have got.

"My advice to him is you've got to be careful what you're walking in to. He's probably at a good football club at Southampton where he get's to enjoy every day, he can express himself, he's got to be careful which direction he goes in and he's got to pick the right football team to develop his career.

"Whether Tottenham are the right one for him, I'm not too sure.

"I think he'd be best suited for Liverpool if I'm honest.

"Liverpool are a leading example for all football club's in England, the respect, the fans, the way everyone loves the football club, I think it's run in the right way and it seems like a good place to play, seems like everyone enjoy themselves.

"It's good place to play as a footballer and I think Lallana would fit in to that."

David Bentley's is a sad story, he had talent of that there is no doubt but without the work ethic it can all go wrong. Football could use someone like Bentley to teach the young how it can go wrong.

Whether Bentley would want to bare his soul and educate youngsters what can go wrong is a different question all together but someone in authority should at least sound him out about the prospect. It would take a lot of guts to do it.


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