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Friday, 9 May 2014

Treatment of Sherwood is shabby

Chelsea did it to Rafa Benitez out in the open but with better players, Spurs are doing it to Tim Sherwood almost behind his back.

Treatment of Sherwood is shabby

The situation has been the same in both cases, an interim manager without the backing of the supporters. Admittedly Benitez was abused far more than Sherwood has been but which is the better way to employ an interim manager.

Tottenham went down the route of a smokescreen by dishing out an 18 month contract that simply wasn't believable from the outset. However it did fool many, including the press it seemed so you could argue that Daniel Levy's method worked.

With one game to go Sherwood has exposed the laziness of some of out players who couldn't care less about the club paying their inflated wages. The world and his wife now know Sherwood is leaving soon and it seems the players and their agents have known for a while. It's been another difficult week for him with intense speculation again.

At his Friday press conference he was asked how Sandro knew he was leaving in the summer.

“I don’t know. Maybe I’m better off asking the players about my future - he’s not the first player to say this.

“He hasn’t actually asked me, he has just offered his opinion to someone. Obviously he has a better knowledge of what is going on. I didn’t know that he had such a close relationship with the chairman. I don’t think the chairman has talked to him, but obviously someone has.

“There has been a lot of speculation going round. And it has begun to be more than that, I have had a lot of players coming to me and telling me that my agents have told us that you are not going to be here next season. So it’s a difficult situation but I have got to get on with it.” 

Now that suggests the club have got it wrong and unsettled the players not Sherwood as some supporters claim. If the club have been putting out feelers for a new boss, and we know they have, then agents are obviously going to know about it and therefore the players.

That puts Sherwood in an intolerable position. Some players simply downed tools so it's understandable Sherwood has had a go at them. He has been let down by Spurs.

The end of season meeting with Daniel Levy which will no doubt see the end of his time should be an interesting one. It will give him further chance to pass on first hand information about player attitudes and mentality, who is or can be a winner and who simply doesn't have the mental game to be a top player.

A winner can spot a winner but more importantly he can see a loser a mile off and half our crop are losers.

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The question is, how should Tim Sherwood be judged, if it's by results then he has had a better season than AVB was having, averaging more points per Premier League game. If it's on developing youngsters he can hold his head up high, if it's on tactics however he falls short, there doesn't seem to be a consistent method of play.

“Well it’s not unfair [to judge me]. I mean, I’ve come in and done what I’ve done, though you’re absolutely right it is imperative to have a pre-season. And also I’m doing the job with a lot of uncertainty around my position. 

"If you have a supply teacher that comes into your school, they’re not treated with the same respect as the headmaster is.
“I think I have done alright with the situation since I took over, and with what I have done with someone else’s players

“They’re a good squad, a lot of injuries, and key players have been missing an awful lot. I think my win percentage stands out alone - its better than anyone else’s in the Premier League, so what more could I have done really

“Obviously we want to beat the better teams and achieve the top four but you have to play every team. It doesn’t matter how many times you beat your Manchester City’s or your Liverpool’s. You have got to play the rest and you have to beat them.

“I think the points accumulated when I have been in charge takes us in to the top four, but I’m not sure if I could have done to much more.” 

It was always going to be difficult for him to command respect because we signed so many players from abroad who, with no disrespect to Tim, haven't a clue who he is. If they then know he is leaving before Sherwood himself knows then he has no chance at all. I have never supported Sherwood's appointment but I can see the good he has done as well as the poor things and his points tally doesn't lie.

I entirely agree with Gary Lineker that the treatment of him has been unacceptable.

"I think Tottenham's treatment of Tim Sherwood has been shabby in the extreme!

"If the fella is to lose his job, then say as much. If he's to stay, then say as much."

Sherwood must feel like a guy at the end of the school term or someone serving the last week of his notice period.

“I have nothing to do here next week - I just have to wait to see the chairman and see what the future holds. We have already discussed pre-season and I have given a list of players to the chairman and Franco Baldini of the players I would recommend we keep, the ones I recommend we leave and the ones I recommend we bring in. I am not sure how we are getting on with that list.

“Until I speak to him they have not given me any indication on how they are moving forward with that.”

It's not an ideal situation but I wrote when he was appointed we'll be muddling through until the end of the season with an emphasis is developing youth. The goal while doing that is to achieve Europa League football, essential for attracting players, even managers and sponsorship, not to mention the TV rights and exposure.

“It’s [European football] crucially important for everyone at Tottenham. Everyone aspires to be in the Champions League but everyone knows how hard it is to actually achieve that.

“Everyone wants to be there, the competition is getting stronger, and I think it is a great opportunity for Tottenham to maybe progress to the Champions League through the Europa League.”

We need a point against Aston Villa to be sure of that but three points in his last home game would be better.

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