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Friday, 9 May 2014

Lennon to Liverpool

There are suggestions that Liverpool are interested in Aaron Lennon as they look to build a squad capable of handling the Premier League and Champions League.

Lennon to Liverpool

Brendan Rodgers is also an admirer of Gylfi Sigurdsson and considered making a bid for him in January. Sigurdsson has not shown much to suggest he should be retained and Aaron Lennon is a typical Spurs player, he divides opinion.

Lennon is now 27 and has two years left on his contract. He still has his speed and is dangerous if you get the ball to him soon enough, however the slow style Spurs played under AVB didn't suit him and he is rarely given the opportunity or space to run at defenders the way he did under Harry Redknapp.

The stock ball now seems to be when he is marked by two defenders or in behind the defender for him to run on to. As that ball gets frequently cut out his potential effectiveness is diminished. Spurs certainly do not play to his strengths but the fast counter attacks Liverpool produce do.

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The future of Lennon may depend on the future of Andros Townsend who is all show boat. He plays as if he thinks he is the next Gareth Bale, or he did early season, refusing to pass to anyone, cutting inside and shooting into the stands.

His return of 1 goal in 56 shots in the Premier League is pathetic, especially as that goal was in fact a cross so quite how he has fooled some into thinking he should play is a mystery.

Reports suggest Alan Pardew wants to take him to Newcastle United to bring some homegrown players back into a squad that went French a couple of seasons ago.

Aaron Lennon's return for those who want the comparison is 1 goal in 25 Premier League shots.

Many will be happy to see Lennon go and would welcome any interest from Liverpool, I'll be happy to see him stay. There were suggestions in March that David Moyes wanted him or Andros Townsend at Manchester United this summer.

Until a new manager is appointed nothing will happen with either of them so for now it will all remain as speculation.



  1. Lennon should chase a chance to play champion league with Liverpool even thought i love Spurs

  2. Hahahaha. No way Liverpool is going to be chasing Lennon. He's a decent player but does not fit within the recruiting policy of the club especially when he won't bring too much to the team. Secondly, Rodgers prefers buying tactically flexible attacking players. I can't say that's the case with Lennon.

  3. Sell him to palace sell downsend to Halifax


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