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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Lloris admits Spurs are mentally weak

Hugo Lloris has been one of the few shining lights in an otherwise disastrous season. Prone to an error a game, as the team have got worse he seems to have got better and is making less mistakes himself then previously, unfortunately the same can not be said for most of his teammates.

Lloris admits Spurs are mentally weak

The mental side of sport is everything and Lloris reveals Spurs are mentally weak in a damming assessment of his teams performances this year. His comments totally back up the theme of the Spurs Need To Go Mental series of which Part 7 will be released tonight.

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Hugo began by talking about ambition and ambition is fine but it has to be coupled with goal setting, you have to set specific goals and then devise a plan to work towards that goal. Liverpool haven't just accidentally found themselves at the top of the table and it is not simply because they have had no European football but they set goals, employed a sports psychologist to instil the right mental attitude, which can be done in 30 minutes a day and worked towards those goals.

"I think all the players in the squad have the ambition to play in the Champions League and it is the ambition of the club as well. The fans expect this competition, but we are in the Premier League and it is not easy to get a ticket.

"This season we had a good start, but after the defeat against City away we lost a bit of confidence. After that we were in trouble, especially with concentration. We conceded a lot of goals after individual mistakes and you know when you play against top teams it is too difficult to come back in the game."

Those quotes are very revealing and worrying, we lost confidence he said. That shouts mental weakness, There are a multitude of skilful players , ours are skilful, just as skilful as the players in the top four but the one crucial factor that separated winners from losers is the mental approach. How to react to a loss, falling to pieces as individual players have done is not down to a manager it is down to the individual and their own personal mental make up. Lloris is admitting Spurs are mentally weak.

"When you play a team at the bottom of the league or the second half of the table, you have a chance to come back as we did against West Brom, as we did again against Fulham.

"We have to improve, we know this season that the top-four, top-five teams were better than us so we have to keep working and hope to be better next season."

Hope is not going to change anything, that suggests to me that it is all down to the manager, he is expecting someone to come in and suddenly change the players from being mentally weak and losing confidence to being mentally strong thus avoiding loss of concentration and individual mistakes to improve the team.

The individual player needs to take some responsibility for their own mental state rather than place the blame on someone else. Lloris has shown his ability to handle a tough situation and that is what separates him from others, the manager hasn't given him that, he has himself.

A new manager can not wave a magic wand and turn weak minds into strong ones unless he has the foresight to employ specialist and provide attention to detail.

When Lloris was then asked whether he hoped Tottenham were capable of taking strides forward next season, he like Tim Sherwood pulled no punches and spoke honestly, if Sherwood had said these words he would have been crucified by a section of Spurs fans.

"It will be difficult to do worse, especially against the top four or five teams.

"I mean, we conceded a lot of bad defeats. This season we had sometimes the feeling that we gave up. We can't allow this kind of behaviour. We have to show more character.

"We did it in different games but we have to keep our mentality at the best level, because in this league you have to be 100 percent every time you play.

"It's strange because we have a feeling that we can play at a very high level, but we can also play at a very bad level during the same game. It has put us in trouble a lot of times this season."

It's not strange at all Hugo to anyone who knows the mental side of sport in 90% of the game and skill is 10%. A player can't be a winner if he doesn't have a winning mentality, how many Spurs players do you think have that mentality?

I'll do my best and see what happens isn't good enough because with that mentality it is impossible to give your best, there is more to come you don't even know about.

It is about time we started educating the players as my Spurs Need To Go Mental series says. Make sure you check out the links and read them each evening.


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